4 Side Hustle Ideas for the Summer

By: Heream Yang / June 7, 2019

Want to earn some extra cash by doing something you already enjoy? Here are 4 side hustles that will challenge your entrepreneurial instincts.

It’s no secret that millennials are reshaping the way we work. From the growing gig economy to the increasing prevalence of side hustles, work is no longer limited to the standard 9 to 5. In fact, over half of American millennials have a side hustle of some sort. While short-term gigs like driving for Uber or dog walking are a convenient way to earn a bit of extra cash, side hustles can be more than just another revenue stream. Starting a side hustle is a great a way to cultivate your passions outside of your 9 to 5 job and build your entrepreneurial skills. To help you get started, we’ve gathered 4 entrepreneurial side hustle ideas that will leverage your existing skill set and send you on your way to becoming your own boss!


1. Become an online content creator

For: Passionate storytellers

While it’s easy to get lost in the seemingly endless sea of content available on the web, the blogs and YouTube channels that truly drive change and develop loyal followings are crafted by authentic, inspired creators. Growing a sustainable social media following may be challenging at first, but if you are truly passionate about a certain topic and have a unique story to tell, people will listen!

Some of my favorite creators are people who love their full-time jobs so much that their social media is essentially an extension of their main careers. For instance, Marina Mogilko, also known as Silicon Valley Girl, shares her experiences as a tech entrepreneur on YouTube. She has carved out a niche in the tech startup space that successfully attracts aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you have the grit it takes to become a creator and a story you’re itching to tell, hop onto SkillShare and take this crash course on personal branding. To get started, here are some tips for aspiring bloggers, vloggers, and Instagram curators. At the end of the day, don’t forget that blogging/vlogging, or whatever you take on should ultimately be a form of self-expression, and not just a way to make easy money.


2. Teach an online course

For: Experts in any field

The “skills and interests” portion of a resume is always the most interesting. Whether you’re a master at knife throwing or cooking Cajun cuisine, there is bound to be someone out there who wants to learn your skill. With the growth of digital learning platforms, millions of viewers are tuning in from across the globe to learn about everything from bullet journaling to bayesian statistics.

If you have a specific skill you are passionate about teaching, you can easily start making a passive income by creating a class on a platform like Skillshare or Udemy. There really is nothing to lose by sharing your expertise with others and earning some money along the way, with the best teachers making over $100,000 annually. Plus, after your course is up and running, you can step back and watch the profits roll in, which is all the more reason to invest in crafting a high-quality course.

To get started, check out these tips on creating a successful online course, then head over to your learning platform of choice to find out how to begin teaching. There are so many amazing female entrepreneurs who are sharing their passions, like Marie Asselin, who will teach you how to make delicious Italian gelato, and Liz Spencer, who will help you transform your old T-shirts into beautifully dyed wearable works of art!


3. Sell your art

For: entrepreneurial artists

Okay, so this particular side hustle does pertain to the more artistically endowed among us, but we all have that super crafty friend we could encourage (or even help!) start a business selling their art. Through online marketplaces like Etsy, sewers, knitters, jewelers, photographers, painters, potters, and, well, just about any other kind of artist you can imagine, have been able to make a generous income from selling their masterpieces. Etsy is a great launching point for selling your art, although you may want to consider setting up an independent store through platforms like Shopify later down the road.

For some veteran advice, check out these tips on setting up a successful Etsy shop. For some inspiration (or an excuse to drool over cute items you’re too broke to buy), browse this dainty jewelry store, this dreamy vintage shop, and this talented potter.


4. Sell your clothes

For: fashionistas seeking to “Marie Kondo” their lives

Selling your clothes can be as sophisticated as you want it to be. While there are plenty of sellers offering blurry iPhone pics of their wrinkled clothing, you can be like Nasty Gal founder turned Girlboss CEO Sophia Amoruso, who got her start by selling vintage clothes on what was essentially a glorified eBay store, now turned fashion empire.

By Marie Kondo-ing your closet, you give your clothes a second life and get hands-on marketing experience styling product photo shoots and crafting catchy item descriptions. For all you fashionistas with bulging closets out there, dedicate a day to cleaning out your wardrobe, then head over to Poshmark to begin selling.

Ultimately, your side hustle should be something you’re truly passionate about. Because you’re a busy person with lots of things to do, places to go, and people to see, make sure you are wholeheartedly investing your valuable time into something you love. Tell your story, share your expertise, showcase your art, or clean out your closet- whatever you choose, make sure it is something that truly sparks joy.

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