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Interested in what someone else does during their 9-5? Looking for a new job but want to know the specifics of what they actually do? Sometimes a description online just does not suffice. In this series, we take a deeper dive into our peers' day-to-day tasks - morning routines, lunch hour, end of day assignments - to better inform you in your career decisions. Today, check out the day in the life of a recruiter in Austin, TX!

Job Title: Recruiter
Industry: Sales
City: Austin

Age: 23
College Major: Economics

Summary of your job: My company specializes in headhunting talent for clients in various industries (the Austin office specializes in Energy, Engineering, and Tech recruitment). My role as an associate is to primarily seek out qualified candidates through job adverts, LinkedIn, and referrals to fill the open jobs our clients have, as well as guide candidates through the interview process. I do business development as an associate, which entails seeking out potential new clients and pitching our services. I usually know which companies are looking for staffing assistance through speaking with candidates and asking them where they’ve applied.


What is your morning routine…: I wake up around 7AM, get ready, and go get coffee (1 cream, 1 sugar) and chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles (usually 2 but 3 if I have a lot of work that day). I walk to work and set up everything I need for the day (i.e. list of candidates I need to call, list of different roles our clients need to fill, etc.) It’ll usually be about 7:40AM by this point, so I’ll sit in a conference room to do my daily Chinese lesson on Duolingo, then I’ll return to my desk at 8AM to start the day.

What are you doing at 8AM? I start the day by rounding up with my team. We usually banter for about ten minutes to wake everyone up, then we each go over our day plans and where we plan to deliver candidates. After round-up, I’ll start calling candidates who have reached out to me from the East Coast (because of the time zone) and see which ones are qualified for our open jobs.

What are you doing at 11AM? At this time, I usually focus on calling more senior level candidates (i.e. Directors and VPS) because they are usually on lunch break and can get away from work for a moment. I’ll also call the clients I’m managing around this time to send over more candidates and go over where the candidates that have been interviewed are in the process.

What do you do for lunch? I usually have no routine lunch. Sometimes I’ll get lunch with my team and continue our banter from the morning, sometimes I’ll get lunch with my fellow associates and talk about our weekend plans, sometimes I’ll get lunch with a vice president in the office and pick their brain about the industry.

What are you doing at 2PM? This is the time of day where I usually do a lot of process management. This entails setting up interviews for candidates or preparing them for interviews they might have that day. I’ll also call candidates that I’ve placed recently and check in to see how they’re enjoying their job, as well as ask for referrals for any of their past colleagues who might be open to new opportunities.

What are you doing at 5PM? At 5PM, I will post job adverts and send out some LinkedIn messages to generate some candidates for the next day. I’ll also feed our team’s pet turtle 😊

Do you usually work late? Sometimes candidates can’t talk until after their work, so sometimes I’ll have to take calls after hours. I don’t usually ever need to work late, but I will about once a week just to get ahead of the game.


What is your favorite thing about the work you do? I love being able to talk to people all day. My team is very outgoing and energetic, and I get the opportunity to learn things about various industries through the clients and candidates that I speak with. I also like being in sales without having to cold call, as most of the time the calls are warm as the candidates have replied to your message or applied to the job or been referred by someone else.

A piece of advice for people entering this field: You have to be ready to be an extrovert even if you’re not, as you’ll be talking to a lot of people. You also need to have thick skin, as some weeks you’ll see a lot of business while other weeks might be much slower.



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