How to start a side hustle with a full-time job?

Anna-Vija McClain, President of Piccolo Marketing

Anna-Vija McClain

Hi, I’m Anna-Vija!

My name is Anna-Vija and I’m the President of Piccolo Marketing, located in Nashville, Tennessee. My passion is in helping small business owners succeed. I have dedicated my career to learning all I can about the challenges small business owners face trying to build their businesses. In conjunction with my clients, I have developed solutions that are easy to implement, easy to use, and most importantly deliver immediate results.

I strive to do what I teach and I teach what I do. When I introduce clients to tools and resources, they are not just empty ideas, they are proven strategies we have used ourselves and for our clients to grow their businesses. What makes me unique is that I am "in it" with my clients. Many consultants sell the same "turn-key" options. I pride myself on client intimacy, providing custom solutions to meet their unique needs and budgets.

My experience

As an entrepreneur, I feel like my whole life is a side-hustle! Well, I have a full-fledged company, but I'm always looking for ways to start new businesses, explore my interests, and find new things that I might enjoy. I came from a corporate background and I'm a big believer in people finding their happiness through small business ownership. Sometimes, you have to work a little harder and make sacrifices on the front end when starting a side hustle in addition to a full-time job in order to make the transition.

6 steps to starting a side hustle

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